Before becoming the owner of an airplane, several parameters must be taken into account.

Establish your needs

The AIR DG sales team will guide you to make a purchasethat meets your present and futur needs.

Should I buy a new or used airplane ?

The plane is not advertised as the safest means of transport for no reason. Indeed each aircraft is faced with a very strict maintenance in order to maintain its reliability. Our team will help you to choose between a new or used purchase on the airplanes that meet your expectations.

Where to buy it ?

Our international relations allow you to choose from a large selection of models at ultra-competitive prices.
In addition, our experience allows us to perform administrative transaction between different countries without any worries.

What are the costs ?

An airplane is a mean of transport requiring a great care, depending on the model, parts must bee changed according to the number of flight hours. Before any purchase we will compare the prices of planes with these parameters.
Thereafter it will be necessary to include insurance costs, rent of a hangar, fuel, maintenance and piloting. This required a lot of work and organization, which is why we offer adapted package to your needs.

Leave us an email with this essential informations in order to give you a proposition as soon as possible.